New feature: WhatsApp users will now be able to view large size photos and videos in chat, company launches new feature globally

So far, cropped videos and photos have appeared in the chat

The user had to click on it for full view
With the help of the new feature, the user will be able to see the actual size content in the chat itself

WhatsApp company is launching new features for the convenience of the users. In its lineup, WhatsApp has launched a photo and video size related feature. This feature has been launched globally. This feature allows users to see the big view of photos and videos in the chat itself. The company has tweeted information about these new features.

Until now cropped versions in WhatsApp could be seen in photo and video chat. So users had to click on it to see the actual size content. However, he will no longer have a headache. The new feature will allow users to view content in Big View. This feature was already available for iOS users. Now it has been launched globally with Android users.

Disappearing feature

WhatsApp is working on reducing the time duration of the disappearing feature. The company is testing this new feature, according to a report by WhatsApp feature tracking website WABetainfo. It will be launched for web and desktop with Android, iOS in the coming days. The company can reduce the time of this feature to 24 hours.

Chat migration for iOS and Android

WhatsApp will soon have a feature that makes it easy to migrate chat between iOS and Android devices. Currently the chat history is gone when you switch to iOS and Android. After the launch of this feature, the user will be able to switch their account while keeping the chat history safe. The shared screen shot of the leaked report shows the iPhone and Android facing each other, the iPhone has the option of Move chats to andtoid feature. So it can be said that WhatsApp is currently testing this feature. It will be launched soon.

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